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Portfolio management is essential if you need to have a full grasp and understanding of the organization’s projects to make the adequate decisions for all projects.

Microsoft PPM includes the tools to keep an overview and bring the crucial information about the status of ongoing projects, how they commit to the overall strategy and what new projects, workflows and tasks are on the way.

See Broader Picture
with PPM

PPM, or Project Portfolio Management is a professional tool for project managers and management to have a quality analysis and a solid overview of various projects and conduct them with a broader strategy in mind. Portfolio management includes the following areas:

  • Ongoing monitoring of all current projects;
  • Updating of the portfolio data on the go;
  • Giving the priority suggestions which projects should be scheduled/delayed;
  • Refining and cutting down the use of resources on projects;
  • Bringing an excellent overview for the management, project members and other stakeholders.

Exceptional PPM Solution
for Your Needs

Microsoft Project Online and Project Server bring extensive PPM capabilities that allow project management experts worldwide manage all aspects of their projects and portfolios, throughout various organizations and industries.

Microsoft Project Server

This is a responsive solution for portfolio management, with multiple add-ons that can be adjusted to any organization's needs for portfolio management. The system consists of independent tools for portfolio management you can be aware and make proven decisions about your portfolio development.

With Microsoft Project Server you can magically tailor the vision and your efforts during the period of the project. You can define and level the coming initiatives, as well as target the project portfolios that deliver accordingly to the organization's strategy. With this innovative portfolio management tool, you can also analyze and arrange an effective evaluation of the strategic contributions to your projects.

Microsoft Office 365 amman

Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project Online also has multiple independent tools for portfolio management. This cloud solution is brought through Office 365 and is amazingly modern and flexible. As the solution is in the cloud, you can connect and start working online from any place, on almost any device. In addition to portfolio management, Microsoft Project Online can also be helpful for project management, resource management, time management, document management and reporting.

Easily run your project, resource, and portfolio management with Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). Build-in planning tools assist you to successfully follow your IT projects and remain organized.


% of businesses identified “capturing time/costs against projects” as their biggest project management challenge.


% of project managers
use no software.


% of organizations believe PPM
is critical to business performance and organizational success.


of project management executives don’t know how their projects align with their company’s business strategy.

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