Benefits of Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 brings together the Office experience your employees already know and easily use with the seamless document management through SharePoint and user-friendly chat-based workspaces like Microsoft Teams.

Office 365 enhances and streamlines your whole IT infrastructure, giving your teams a great advantage: to use one unified platform for calls, conferences, and effortless collaborating.

Employees can now work together in a comfortable environment, from anywhere; bringing collaboration at the core of what they do. At 02Code we will study your productivity requirements and offer your organization the best way to migrate you to the Cloud.

Use Microsoft Office
Anytime You Need it

With Microsoft Office 365, you can reach your Office desktop applications, as well as Cloud-powered connections, team collaboration tools and management. Let your employees and teams work anytime, at any place, on any device with cloud access to Microsoft business productivity applications:

  • Business level email access;
  • Instant messaging for teams;
  • Easy videoconferencing meetings.


mln Office 365 commercial customers


% rise from 2016 to 2017


mln Office 365 Users in 2018


% of employees have migrated to the Cloud

What 02Code Offers with Office365

Experience Unique Enterprise Collaboration

Every organization is unique. Every team is special. Office 365 will bring the modern ways and simplified practices to your daily challenges. Teams can collaborate easily with chat-based tools, documents sharing and editing, online conferencing and social networking from anywhere, and on any device.

Have Bulletproof IT Security

The increased risk of worldwide cybercrime is not your problem with Microsoft Office 365. It has been created with the recognized level of cloud security standards, so you can be sure your data is fully protected and stays compliant.

Build Workspace to Fit Your Expectations

It’s easier to reach your business goals while using Office365. This enterprise platform will place your employee collaboration and engagement, as well as the overall productivity to a new level. Your IT departments will gain the desired agility and safe control of organization infrastructure, at reduced IT costs.

Better Solutions, Better Way of Work. Office 365.