What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is a public cloud service from Microsoft. Including a number of integrated cloud services, Microsoft Azure is a remarkably flexible platform to place and run your business processes. You know you’ve made the right decision by choosing Azure, whenever you need a secure host for your massive database, front end website or a safe place to collect and unify your files.

While using the Microsoft Cloud, your business gets improved agility, operational stability, and cost-savvy efficiency that broaden your organization’s perspective.

Professional Cloud Solutions for Business

Modern cloud solutions improve your systems security and flexibility, it’s a reasonable and cost-effective solution for your organization. 02Code assists businesses in the Middle East to plan and utilize Azure infrastructure while bringing the desired reliability and scalability to today's dynamic businesses.


% respondents say the public cloud is as secure or more secure than their own data center.


new Azure customer subscriptions per month


% of Fortune 500 using Microsoft Cloud


mln users of Azure Government Cloud

Why Choose Microsoft Azure

Reach Your Desktop Anywhere

Microsoft Azure allows you to host various Linux and Windows based virtual machines in the cloud, so you can reach them from anywhere in the world.

Disaster? Not with Microsoft Recovery

Reduce downtime with Azure site recovery. No matter what the reason of your disruption is, your business is kept up and running in the Microsoft Cloud.

Move Easily from Server

Don’t carry the burden of fixing and maintaining on-premises hardware, while you can have a modern option: an easily managed cloud server.

Backup Your Data Safely

Avoid the loss of data with Azure Backup. All your important files are staying updated and systematized in the Cloud, and ready for you to access them anytime.

Build Your Smart Network

Connect all your working locations and remote users in the Microsoft Cloud for maximum efficiency.

Keep Access Levels Clear

Manage a single sign-on experience across multiple applications and smoothly set up user permissions to stop unauthorized access to data with Microsoft Azure Identity.

High IT costs? Gain value from Microsoft Azure.