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We offer IT solutions based on Microsoft products to various organizations in MENA region to enhance productivity, empower staff, systematize and automate business processes, bringing modern and effective solutions for organizations of all sizes, in all industries.

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When we say full range solution, we mean it. 02Code offers a wide range of IT solutions, from the primary Platform Consulting to secure Database Management, scalable Enterprise Content Management to customized Software Development & Integration, powerful and flexible Dynamics CRM, various Cloud Solutions, including Microsoft, we present a comprehensive range of Microsoft services, so you won’t look for someone else to refine and end your project as you’ve planned.

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We are not trying to reinvent the bicycle. With Microsoft planning tools we successfully keep track of our IT projects and remain organized.
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Our experienced team of Microsoft specialists can find a solution for any business challenge. Contact 02Code today, to make your IT project done.

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By bringing Microsoft products to your organization, we offer simple-to-consume, clearly communicated IT services allowing your business in the Middle East to get the most from their Microsoft technologies. Our professional team is ready to start working on your IT project in Jordan, or throughout the MENA region.